Alsafa for Granite & Marble



Unpolished – Sawn Cut

Sawn Cut is cutting slabs of marble, Cutting doing by wet saw with a diamond blade and proper safety equipment. Mark the marble with wide tape and then the saw makes Cut holes. Make sink cutouts.


Shiny mirror-like finish marble, limestone & granite slabs are polished by large polishing machines which progressively grind the stone from the rough saw- out the surface to a spectacular mirror-like finish.


Honed Finish provides a flat, matte or satin finish creating a more informal and softer look. This finish is created by stopping short of the last stage of polishing a honed finish show fewer scratches and requires very little maintenance.


Tumbled finish is created when stone is placed inside a special vibrating drum full of abrasives, sand, water and a certain type of rocks to produce antique look with imperfect and rounded edges.

Split Face

Split face finish is created by splitting marble & granite tiles to produce random similar surface to the face of mountain.

Bush hammered

Working the surface with a pointed hammer creates uneven irregularities in the structure of the tile. Feels rather rough, with an anti-slip effect.


Brushed finish is created by brushing the stone surface with steel or hard nylon brushes. It leaves a highly textured surface that tends to be more resistant to scratches and marks. It can be applied to lime stone , sandstone and marble.


Stone surfaces are treated by acids to give them a spectacular antique look.


Sandblasting is a technique that also gives a more slip-resistant surface suitable for outside areas or for wet areas. It’s commonly used for: swimming pools, shower trays, wet-rooms and also on patios.


Stripped finish is a machine finish that gives a linear pattern to the stone surface . this finish can be applied to all stones.


Chieled surface finish based on the well-known, pure craft. Often used for paving stones and façade cladding. The parallel lines on the surface are typical of this finish.


A flamed finish is produced when stone surface is exposed to high intense flame , Causing it to burst and become rough. This finish is used for exterior applications where slip resistance is extremely important.

French Pattern

There are many varieties of laying patterns when it comes to tiles and pavers. A popular pattern is a French Pattern or French opus pattern which is often used for marble, travertine tiles and pavers.The below is the recommended laying pattern for 2 sets